Where to Sign up and How to Make Money When Consumers Can’t Pay!

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of where to sign up so you can start making money from your future content (more on how to make content in another post):

Ideally you would have ALL your content on ALL of these sites, but focusing on 1-2 of each category might be a more sustainable workload.

There are a few types of sites you might want to sign up for:

The #1 best type to sign up for, and the way to get money without charging consumers is…


Here are links to each tube site’s partnership program – like Youtube, porn tube sites make money running ads (many of which are pre-bought months ahead) and so long as that continues, they can continue to pay out and the consumers can watch for free!


People are seeking comfort now more than ever, and if history has taught us anything, it’s that vice industries generally stay afloat because in uncertain times people are willing to pay what little they have for stress relief. So because of this I think clips will continue to earn money, though maybe at a reduced rate – but if you’re just starting out, some sales is better than none!


The best membership site is one that you own! But, that takes time and resources, so currently these are the membership-style sites that I can suggest:

The reason why I say that the best membership site is one that you own is because running my own site I can control everything about how my site works, what I can post for free or for members only, and most importantly, it can’t get shut down! Sites like OnlyFans are very new, and I’ve seen other sites stop paying creators out (like Clipvia), and it feels good to know that no one can take away my own site! I accept Bitcoin and credit cards through CCBill (high yearly fee, not great for beginners but 100% worth it if you can afford it!) – even if CCBill shut down, I would still be able to accept Bitcoin, and all my content would be safe instead of deleted!


Generally, I don’t recommend trading 1-on-1 time-for-money when you could be filming videos that will make you money for years to come, but camming can help give you a little extra cash, and also help promote your other revenue streams!


I DO NOT recommend offering physical items like panties (or of course any sort of in-person meet-ups), but there are other services that you can offer!

Sexting: (send nudes, dirty chat and short videos!)

Private Cam shows:

  • All above cam sites offer this option
  • SkyPrivate
  • You can advertise skype shows on your social media accounts, on reddit, or on the other sites and accept tips through other sites, accept Bitcoin, or even accept Amazon gift cards (least recommended) if you have things you need to purchase!

Custom Videos: In a future post I’ll talk about best practices of accepting custom videos (how much to charge based on your quality and their idea, how to tactfully decline things you don’t want to do, and how to deal with difficult customers, etc)

  • Advertise on all other platforms that you are willing to make other’s fantasies come true (within reason of course!) and accept payment as tips through other sites, accept Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards
  • Manyvids
  • ExtraLunchMoney

Phone Sex: I’ve never personally tried phone sex, but I do know of many others who have used the following site with success!


If you think I’ve missed something, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list! And let me know if you’d like info on how to do well for each type of site!




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