How to edit your videos and photos- links to FREE editing software!

If you’re really desperate and short on time or resources, editing is not 100% necessary. However, the better you edit/make your content, the higher you can charge, and the more sales and views you will get, so it’s worth a little time investment to learn basic editing.

Video editing

Here are links to Youtube tutorials that cover all the steps we take to edit our content – for a phone app, a free editing software and Adobe Premier Pro! Click the name of the program to find where to download it, or the link to watch the tutorial. There are NO affiliate links on this site, and I only recommend these based on good internet reviews, or in the case of Premier, based on my own years of experience!

Free Smartphone video editing app “InShot” :

Free laptop editing software “ShotCut” :

Adobe Premier Pro:


Photo editing

I personally use Adobe Photoshop to edit all my banners and profile photos, only my snaps are unedited! You can just use filters from snapchat and save the photos (without actually posting them to your story) and use those as quick snaps, or you can use a tripod (with the lighting set-up from a previous post) and a plain background like a blank wall, or a curtain, or a backdrop if you have one!

Here are some links to photo editing software and tutorials:

Free photo editing software “Gimp” :

Adobe Photoshop:

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