How to Come up With Video Ideas that Sell! + Free Video Planner Worksheet!

Always plan exactly what you’re going to shoot, before you shoot it! Don’t just decide “I’m just going to masturbate for a few minutes and call it good” – this will not sell well, generally. When people are searching for porn, they search for specifics they’d like to see, and the more generic specifics (i.e “masturbation” or “blowjob”) will pull up MILLIONS of results! And that’s why a plain solo masturbation video doesn’t sell well (or get a ton of views)- because each video has SO MUCH competition!

On the other hand, you don’t want to shoot videos that are TOO niche either. Once as a custom video I filmed a “Match Lighting” video, which after delivering to the buyer I put up on my Clips4Sale store in the Match Lighting Fetish category. If you click that link, you’ll see my video is #4 in top clips… but you’ll also see that there are only a top 29 clips, and top 16 studios, when there should be 50 in each! And, that video only sold once in 6 years to get to that spot. This, combined with the fact that there are 168 studios with “match lighting fetish” clips (see top right of the page), and 168 000 clips – yet only 29 of them have EVER sold,  means that almost no one is buying match lighting content. And there are many other niches where this is true too, and you might be tempted because the video idea looks “easy,” but your time will not be well spent.

SO, with all that said, you want “Goldilocks” niches – ones that are big enough to have customers, but small enough that you have a chance against the competition. There are plenty of niches that fit in this category – my favourite being JOI Games. Or, another way you can do it is to combine niches – for example – Blowjob+JOI Games, or StepSister+masturbation+JOI.

You should also “brand” yourself as a particular “niche” so that consumers know what they will get when a new video comes out from you. This is best for keeping a long-term career in the industry, but don’t worry too much about it, you can always change later; small changes in your niche (like going from domination JOI content, to JOI Games without domination), won’t hurt your sales too much, but big changes (like making lots of hardcore anal videos, then all of a sudden changing to solo masturbation only) will cause you to basically restart building your audience. So choose a niche you think you will be able to keep up long term, in the Goldilocks zone of popularity!

Please note, if you’re just starting out and jumping into this out of desperation, don’t stress too much about this and I really suggest taking custom videos so you get paid to shoot, and then resell the videos on clip sites, or put it up on tube sites. You can always decide your main niche later, but some sites like Clips4Sale will make you categorize your store – so just choose what you think you will be shooting most!

To find these Goldilocks niches there are a few ways to research!

There’s the “Fast Way” and the “Thorough Way”…

The Fast Way:

Go to and take a look at the Top 50 Studios list – are there one or more studios that when you look at their content, it looks like something you can do with your resources? For example, if you’re a single girl doing this alone pay more attention to other single female creators; or if you’re a couple you can focus more on videos that involve two people; if you’re a single man there are two ways to go- either hiring talent (not possible right now) or looking at the top creators in solo gay centric categories such as Gay JOI. Once you’ve found a couple creators that you feel you can emulate in terms of type of content, take a look at the categories they post in and what keywords they use. If you find a lot of creators you could emulate, but the types of content vary between them (for example you’re a single female who could do solo female domination videos, or submissive taboo virtual sex videos – they’re opposites) take your inspiration from one type over the other, not both. Make a list of categories and keywords that are commonly used with these similar creators. Also take a look at Pornhub’s top keywords of the year:

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I’m a single female creator, one of the top creators on Clips4Sale is Tara Tainton she luckily has her main categories listed at the top of her page, but what most of her videos are is Taboo with a Step Mom keyword. Taboo can of course be paired with so many other niches – like JOI (Jerk Off Instructions), Masturbation, Step Sister, Virtual Sex and more! So if I wanted to focus on Taboo as my niche, I’d have a lot of video categories to choose from for video ideas- try to choose something similarly broad.

Pros of “The Fast Way”
You can get set up very quickly and have a path to follow in a few minutes!
Less overwhelming if you’ve never researched for porn before!

Cons of “The Fast Way”
You might miss some great categories/keywords/niches that aren’t being taken advantage of that still may be lucrative!
You could fall into the trap of “copying” – not what I recommend! You should always try to infuse your personality and spin on it, even if you do take direct inspiration from another creator!
Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean their keywording skills are perfect! They likely use good keywords, but you can’t be completely sure so you’re taking a small chance for convenience.

If you choose this option, SCROLL DOWN to get my free Video Planner Worksheet which will help you put niches together to come up with video ideas! 

The Thorough Way:

Go through all the categories on Clips4Sale ( and make a list of which ones you think you can make videos for based on the talent you have available (just yourself, a partner, etc), and your skills (are you great at blowjobs but suck at public speaking? Are you already awesome at editing special effects or are willing to learn? Or are you more comfortable talking but not doing hardcore sex?) If the category has a Top 50 studios AND a Top 50 clips, with more than 1000 clips but less than 250 000 clips AND the top 50 clips look similar to each other, then it might be a category worth trying – make note. What I mean by the top 50 clips look similar is for example: “Brunette” is a category filled with all different types of videos where a female in them just happens to be brunette. The videos are all different – some sex, some blowjob, some masturbation, JOI etc. This means it’s not a good category to focus on. What you want to see is similar sex acts and similar set ups (i.e. girl sitting and talking to camera) to determine it’s not just a secondary category.

Take note of what keywords the top videos in each category use, make a list.
Once you have a list of all the categories you can do and which pass the test, and a list of keywords commonly associated with those categories – narrow it down, are there any categories that are opposites of each other? While it’s certainly possible to create videos as both a dominant and submissive, for example, your brand will be stronger if you narrow it down – you want the buyers to know that if they like one video of yours, they’re likely to like others too, so if you want to be dominant, only make dominant style videos, and vise versa.

From here you can plug in your keywords and categories into’s Keyword tool. It’s free to sign up, and it will show you the monthly US searches for your keywords. Make sure to think of different ways to say the same thing – for example “sex” is also “fucking” and Jerk Off Instruction is also Masturbation Instruction, etc. While you’re on this site, brainstorm some words you can describe yourself with – do you have big breasts? Busty could be a good keyword. Are you very slim? Petite may be for you! Also, what do you want your viewers to feel when they watch your videos? Do you want to be hardcore and raunchy? Artistic? Erotic? Sensual? Plug those words in too!

For every keyword you search, write down the number of US monthly searches and take note of any similar keywords/keyword strings they suggest and their monthly searches. Right now we’re looking for a keyword that has at least 15 000 monthly searches but less than 100 000 monthly searches.

That should narrow your list further. Next you can take that list to Pornhub and use the search bar to plug in your keywords – how many videos come up? How many of those videos have the keyword in the title on the first page when you rank by most viewed? How many videos on the first page of most viewed have over 1 million views? At least 1000 videos coming up, with at least a couple videos with the keyword in the title and at least a few of those with over 1 million views means it’s a good keyword.

Pros of “The Thorough Way”
You can discover niches that others are overlooking
You can discover the perfect niche for YOU instead of copying what’s popular
You can learn a lot about what’s popular and what’s not in porn, and how keywords work

Cons of “The Thorough Way”
Very time intensive, could take days
May be overwhelming if you want to get started ASAP!


Video Planner Worksheet

Try to fill in this worksheet with the keywords and categories that you found from the previous step! Keep this handy – it will help you when you go to upload them to every site! Click the image to download it!

The next post is about HOW to shoot content – set up your camera, the lighting, set, etc! And what content to make if you live with people and have to keep this secret!


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