Equipment to Get Started

While typically I would suggest not starting out shooting with your phone camera, if you’re turning to this kind of work due to this crisis, then using what you have already is the smartest choice! If you’re using your smartphone, there are apps that can help you with editing, or you can even forgo editing at first completely; you can also live stream from your phone on Chaturbate!

If you do however have a little money to spend on upgrades, I do suggest it! You’ll be able to produce higher quality work which allows you to price your content higher! These are NOT affiliate links and I DO NOT make money from you purchasing any of these products, these are just the items I have used for years and recommend!

Here’s the couple basics I suggest:

  • Logitech webcam – you can film custom videos using this and a laptop, but it will be lower quality – perfectly fine to start with though and almost necessary for live cam!
  • Canon Vixia HF R800– This is the camera I bought Clara Dee when she first started, and also the camera I use for secondary angles
  • Basic Softbox light kit
  • A basic laptop to edit, upload and stream
  • A basic tripod
  • A reliable internet connection

If you have a little more money to spend, here’s the equipment I use to film my main angles and “higher production” videos:

Other supplies: Not “necessary” but nice to have

I don’t recommend putting money into outfits, costumes, set pieces, etc – at least until you’ve made some money first! And remember to make an Amazon wishlist – if a customer wants a custom video with you in a particular costume, he can (in addition to paying for the video) purchase the costume from your wishlist!

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