Custom Videos & How to Deliver Content

Getting custom video requests

There are plenty of ways to get custom video requests:

Extra Lunch Money



Social media like Twitter – but not Instagram (see my upcoming advertising post on where I suggest you advertise!)

What I recommend is to have a copy/paste form you use every time someone sends you a custom video request by DM – mine goes something like this:

“Thank you so much for your interest in a custom video! I’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see – what sex acts or fetishes, how long of a video and if you’d like your name in it – and I can send you a personalized quote!”

I do not recommend posting your rates for custom videos publicly, unless you specifically state “starting at” because I promise you there will be video ideas that you’ll want to charge more for! Or, maybe you just need fast cash and decide to charge less than your usual for just one order. This allows flexibility and also allows you to evaluate what it would take for you financially to film each video. I charge double for videos with their name in it too, and once they come back with the requested info, I give them a price with and without their name because even if they said they want it with their name, they might not be able to afford it – but instead of losing the sale, you give them a more affordable option that they can settle for. Also, never haggle/negotiate – your prices are firm, but you don’t have to be rude about it, or insulted. You can say something like:

“I’m sorry these rates don’t work for you right now, I thank you so much for your interest in me! Please do let me know if your situation changes and I’ll make that video for you!” 

This shows that you are clear your prices are firm, but in a very nice way, that in my experience has always lead to positive results, instead of the nasty hateful dms I’ve seen other girls get for “charging too much!”

Also, it’s good practice to give them a delivery date for their video – I’m generally booked a couple months in advance, so BEFORE I receive payment I’ll tell them it will probably be X amount of time to wait, and then AFTER payment I tell them “I will deliver your video by or on X date.”

Remember: you don’t have to accept ANY requests you don’t feel comfortable with! Just politely decline, saying something like “I’m sorry, that’s not something I can offer, but thank you so much for your interest!” Don’t kink shame by saying what they asked for is bad/gross/etc, that doesn’t help anyone! Besides these can still be buyers of other content, just because he likes hardcore anal, doesn’t mean he doesn’t ALSO love JOI Games!

Accepting custom video requests is really great as a beginner; it gets you paid for filming your first videos instead of waiting to see if they sell, you get to try a bunch of different fetishes – who knows, maybe you’ll find your perfect niche! – and you can still resell the videos later (or put them on tube sites), so long as the customer’s name isn’t in it!

Getting Paid

You can get paid through ExtraLunchMoney, Manyvids, or you can tell the buyer how much to leave as a tip on one of your clip/tube sites, or you can accept Bitcoin (best choice) or Amazon gift cards (worst choice).

Delivering Content

There are a few ways to deliver content – both ELM and Manyvids have their own uploaders, but if someone messages you on Reddit, or email there are a few other ways to deliver the content:

If it’s just a 1 minute video you can upload it as a private Gfycat and send them the link.

You can post it as a hidden video on Pornhub, so only those will the link can see it!

You can get an account with (it’s just like Dropbox but seller friendly – I’ve seen people get their Dropbox accounts closed for handing out too many links to videos)- it’s super cheap and this is what I use for all the downloads for my website too!


In the next post I’ll give you some tips on how to handle difficult customers!



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