Advertising, Social Media & Camming

In some ways, this is the most important work you’ll do, and yet, it’s what you should spend the least amount of your time on!

Clip and Tube sites have great internal traffic, so if you followed my Video Planner, and filled out those keywords, made a keyword-rich sexy description and a good trailer, then you’re already way ahead! Also make sure to make a trailer for all of your videos! It’s possible to get hundreds of thousands of views on just a 1 minute trailer, which is an add for the full premium video and all the other content you have! You can post these trailers to your Tube sites and upload them to Gfycat to use on Reddit!

After the internal traffic, I recommend starting a SubReddit (links to my main sub as an example) for yourself and posting there every time something new comes out + crossposting it to relevant subreddits (making sure to always read the sidebar for rules about self-promotion, and looking at the top content to make sure your content is what they like!).

Twitter: We’re in the middle of developing the bot we use for ourselves to automate Twitter posts, but until that’s released I recommend Tweetdeck – schedule Tweets to go out every time a new video comes out, plus add in random sexy snaps linking to all your content and services throughout the day!

Try to have a couple ads going up each day, and every single time a new video is out, but don’t stress yourself by spending hours trying to advertise it in EVERY possible subreddit – pick a couple, and move on. You can always re-advertise it in the future to a new audience!


For me, camming is strictly an advertisement tool, and I only live cam once per month, for 1 hour, for FREE! I still receive tips, but I don’t expect them, and I do it just as a fan service and to drive traffic to my site! It really does help, but I personally would never suggest making a job out of camming – if you do, you’ll need to probably work 10+ hours a day, every day, and take lots of private shows (which I don’t do), to climb the ranks and make a decent hourly wage. At least, that’s my view, but I know many full-time cam girls would disagree so if live camming sounds good to you, I’m sure you can find more in depth tips from those cam girls than I could ever give! Personally, I prefer to make videos because you make them once and sell them forever- they can sell/get views in your sleep, for years! All of my first videos from 2014 are still making me money every month, so the amount I make every month keeps going up as I keep adding more videos to the passive income engine!

Affiliate marketingĀ 

This is a more advanced topic that deserves a much larger section, but to start, all you need is to sign up for the affiliate program of a sex toy brand you like!

I really like Fleshlight and Pink Cherry, (I do not make money if you click these) but if you check out your favourite online sex toy store, they probably have an “affiliates” button at the bottom of their site – sign up, and use some toys from the site in a video, then insert your affiliate links into the video and descriptions everywhere! This way you’ll get a portion of any purchase the viewer makes after clicking the link, and it pairs really well with video content!

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