How to Work From Home in the Adult Industry

Times are tough right now, a lot of people are losing their jobs, or working from home and feeling very uncertain about their future income. For the past couple of years I’ve been writing a book and courses with all the tips and systems that I’ve used to make money for the past 6+ years in the industry from home – making a site for and helping Clara Dee when she was first starting out was part of that – and I wanted to make fancy graphics, and well done videos, etc. However, seeing how things are right now I think the best thing to do is to just release all the info I do have put together, as quick blog posts and downloadable templates, for free and as quickly as possible!

I know not everyone can work in the adult industry, and it might feel frivolous to be even thinking about making porn and being sexual right now, but for those of you in the group that is able and willing to make this type of content – right now a lot of people need distraction and stress relief, so while helping yourself stay afloat, you’re also helping others forget about their problems, even if just for a few minutes.

The sex industry has historically been a recession-proof business, and even if this pandemic just blows over, there will probably be some tough years ahead economically. Luckily there are even ways to make money from porn where the consumers don’t need to pay for you to get money! In the blog posts that follow you will find info on how to get started, how to figure out what content to make (including ideas to get around issues like living with people), what things you might need to get started, and more! I hope this helps at least a few people in this trying time, and I hope you’re all staying safe and most importantly AT HOME!

I’ve seen a few people posting guides similar to this, but often they focus more on live camming or sexting type services, and while this guide will touch on those, its main focus is video creation, distribution and advertising to make passive income.

I will be available to answer any and all questions about getting started making porn from home! Feel free to email me ( or send me a DM on Reddit ( and I’ll answer as quickly as I can!


Where to Sign up and How to Make Money When Consumers Can’t Pay!

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of where to sign up so you can start making money from your future content (more on how to make content in another post):

Ideally you would have ALL your content on ALL of these sites, but focusing on 1-2 of each category might be a more sustainable workload.

There are a few types of sites you might want to sign up for:

The #1 best type to sign up for, and the way to get money without charging consumers is…


Here are links to each tube site’s partnership program – like Youtube, porn tube sites make money running ads (many of which are pre-bought months ahead) and so long as that continues, they can continue to pay out and the consumers can watch for free!


People are seeking comfort now more than ever, and if history has taught us anything, it’s that vice industries generally stay afloat because in uncertain times people are willing to pay what little they have for stress relief. So because of this I think clips will continue to earn money, though maybe at a reduced rate – but if you’re just starting out, some sales is better than none!


The best membership site is one that you own! But, that takes time and resources, so currently these are the membership-style sites that I can suggest:

The reason why I say that the best membership site is one that you own is because running my own site I can control everything about how my site works, what I can post for free or for members only, and most importantly, it can’t get shut down! Sites like OnlyFans are very new, and I’ve seen other sites stop paying creators out (like Clipvia), and it feels good to know that no one can take away my own site! I accept Bitcoin and credit cards through CCBill (high yearly fee, not great for beginners but 100% worth it if you can afford it!) – even if CCBill shut down, I would still be able to accept Bitcoin, and all my content would be safe instead of deleted!


Generally, I don’t recommend trading 1-on-1 time-for-money when you could be filming videos that will make you money for years to come, but camming can help give you a little extra cash, and also help promote your other revenue streams!


I DO NOT recommend offering physical items like panties (or of course any sort of in-person meet-ups), but there are other services that you can offer!

Sexting: (send nudes, dirty chat and short videos!)

Private Cam shows:

  • All above cam sites offer this option
  • SkyPrivate
  • You can advertise skype shows on your social media accounts, on reddit, or on the other sites and accept tips through other sites, accept Bitcoin, or even accept Amazon gift cards (least recommended) if you have things you need to purchase!

Custom Videos: In a future post I’ll talk about best practices of accepting custom videos (how much to charge based on your quality and their idea, how to tactfully decline things you don’t want to do, and how to deal with difficult customers, etc)

  • Advertise on all other platforms that you are willing to make other’s fantasies come true (within reason of course!) and accept payment as tips through other sites, accept Bitcoin or Amazon gift cards
  • Manyvids
  • ExtraLunchMoney

Phone Sex: I’ve never personally tried phone sex, but I do know of many others who have used the following site with success!


If you think I’ve missed something, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list! And let me know if you’d like info on how to do well for each type of site!




Equipment to Get Started

While typically I would suggest not starting out shooting with your phone camera, if you’re turning to this kind of work due to this crisis, then using what you have already is the smartest choice! If you’re using your smartphone, there are apps that can help you with editing, or you can even forgo editing at first completely; you can also live stream from your phone on Chaturbate!

If you do however have a little money to spend on upgrades, I do suggest it! You’ll be able to produce higher quality work which allows you to price your content higher! These are NOT affiliate links and I DO NOT make money from you purchasing any of these products, these are just the items I have used for years and recommend!

Here’s the couple basics I suggest:

  • Logitech webcam – you can film custom videos using this and a laptop, but it will be lower quality – perfectly fine to start with though and almost necessary for live cam!
  • Canon Vixia HF R800– This is the camera I bought Clara Dee when she first started, and also the camera I use for secondary angles
  • Basic Softbox light kit
  • A basic laptop to edit, upload and stream
  • A basic tripod
  • A reliable internet connection

If you have a little more money to spend, here’s the equipment I use to film my main angles and “higher production” videos:

Other supplies: Not “necessary” but nice to have

I don’t recommend putting money into outfits, costumes, set pieces, etc – at least until you’ve made some money first! And remember to make an Amazon wishlist – if a customer wants a custom video with you in a particular costume, he can (in addition to paying for the video) purchase the costume from your wishlist!

Pros & Cons of “Showing Face” & Porn Industry Stigma

There are plenty of girls who do alright for themselves, never having shown their face in porn! You can obscure your face with a mask, or just film from shoulders down. It might be tempting to believe that this will keep your identity 100% safe, but there are countless stories of these girls still getting doxxed – and in fact, I think this actually can cause more people to try and find your personal info. If there’s a mystery, people will want to solve it, and I’ve seen a few “no-face” girls have their face pictures found and spread around – using everything from tattoos, to a hint of the view from their window, etc. Let me be clear, being a public figure, whether in porn, or as a youtube creator or a Twitch streamer, has its risks – but I personally feel those risks are worth it if you take a few precautions. I also feel that showing my face leads to higher sales, and more of a long-term brand.

Here’s how I recommend you stay safe!

  • Use a stage name
  • Don’t film the view from your window if you can see the street, other houses, or the front of your house!
  • Make sure to remove any personally identifying things from view of the camera (College logo hoodie, mail on the counter, family photos)
  • Cover tattoos if you think too many people have seen them
  • If you have an Amazon wishlist you’ll need a Post Office box to receive packages safely without revealing your home address
  • Start NEW accounts for Amazon, Reddit, Email and anything else you’d like to use – and don’t use photos you’ve used on those accounts!
  • Use a VPN whenever you’re browsing the internet
  • Some websites like Pornhub and Chaturbate, can offer Geo-Blocking (block people in your hometown from seeing your content) – but remember this only works if they’re not using a VPN!
  • Don’t meet up with people!
  • Always get payment for custom videos, etc FIRST – never upon delivery! ExtraLunchMoney offers a great escrow service so both parties can guarantee they get what was agreed upon!

There is also a stigma to adult work. I’ve personally been denied to be able to rent a house because they didn’t want us doing porn there. After that I started saying I was a content creator, or website manager, or photographer, or something to that affect and have had no issues since! There are certain fields of work like child care, teaching, that might not welcome you back if you later decide porn is not your thing. I’m okay with that as I’ve never wanted to work with kids, or anything where the people I would work for would judge me in that way. All of these tools on this site can help with creating content and earning money online in other fields like Youtube and I personally never plan on going back to a regular job, even if I eventually retire from porn (which I have no plans to do any time soon!)

Before you take your first photos and videos really make sure that this is for you – it has worked out very well for me personally, but I know not everyone has the same values and views as I do!

How to Come up With Video Ideas that Sell! + Free Video Planner Worksheet!

Always plan exactly what you’re going to shoot, before you shoot it! Don’t just decide “I’m just going to masturbate for a few minutes and call it good” – this will not sell well, generally. When people are searching for porn, they search for specifics they’d like to see, and the more generic specifics (i.e “masturbation” or “blowjob”) will pull up MILLIONS of results! And that’s why a plain solo masturbation video doesn’t sell well (or get a ton of views)- because each video has SO MUCH competition!

On the other hand, you don’t want to shoot videos that are TOO niche either. Once as a custom video I filmed a “Match Lighting” video, which after delivering to the buyer I put up on my Clips4Sale store in the Match Lighting Fetish category. If you click that link, you’ll see my video is #4 in top clips… but you’ll also see that there are only a top 29 clips, and top 16 studios, when there should be 50 in each! And, that video only sold once in 6 years to get to that spot. This, combined with the fact that there are 168 studios with “match lighting fetish” clips (see top right of the page), and 168 000 clips – yet only 29 of them have EVER sold,  means that almost no one is buying match lighting content. And there are many other niches where this is true too, and you might be tempted because the video idea looks “easy,” but your time will not be well spent.

SO, with all that said, you want “Goldilocks” niches – ones that are big enough to have customers, but small enough that you have a chance against the competition. There are plenty of niches that fit in this category – my favourite being JOI Games. Or, another way you can do it is to combine niches – for example – Blowjob+JOI Games, or StepSister+masturbation+JOI.

You should also “brand” yourself as a particular “niche” so that consumers know what they will get when a new video comes out from you. This is best for keeping a long-term career in the industry, but don’t worry too much about it, you can always change later; small changes in your niche (like going from domination JOI content, to JOI Games without domination), won’t hurt your sales too much, but big changes (like making lots of hardcore anal videos, then all of a sudden changing to solo masturbation only) will cause you to basically restart building your audience. So choose a niche you think you will be able to keep up long term, in the Goldilocks zone of popularity!

Please note, if you’re just starting out and jumping into this out of desperation, don’t stress too much about this and I really suggest taking custom videos so you get paid to shoot, and then resell the videos on clip sites, or put it up on tube sites. You can always decide your main niche later, but some sites like Clips4Sale will make you categorize your store – so just choose what you think you will be shooting most!

To find these Goldilocks niches there are a few ways to research!

There’s the “Fast Way” and the “Thorough Way”…

The Fast Way:

Go to and take a look at the Top 50 Studios list – are there one or more studios that when you look at their content, it looks like something you can do with your resources? For example, if you’re a single girl doing this alone pay more attention to other single female creators; or if you’re a couple you can focus more on videos that involve two people; if you’re a single man there are two ways to go- either hiring talent (not possible right now) or looking at the top creators in solo gay centric categories such as Gay JOI. Once you’ve found a couple creators that you feel you can emulate in terms of type of content, take a look at the categories they post in and what keywords they use. If you find a lot of creators you could emulate, but the types of content vary between them (for example you’re a single female who could do solo female domination videos, or submissive taboo virtual sex videos – they’re opposites) take your inspiration from one type over the other, not both. Make a list of categories and keywords that are commonly used with these similar creators. Also take a look at Pornhub’s top keywords of the year:

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I’m a single female creator, one of the top creators on Clips4Sale is Tara Tainton she luckily has her main categories listed at the top of her page, but what most of her videos are is Taboo with a Step Mom keyword. Taboo can of course be paired with so many other niches – like JOI (Jerk Off Instructions), Masturbation, Step Sister, Virtual Sex and more! So if I wanted to focus on Taboo as my niche, I’d have a lot of video categories to choose from for video ideas- try to choose something similarly broad.

Pros of “The Fast Way”
You can get set up very quickly and have a path to follow in a few minutes!
Less overwhelming if you’ve never researched for porn before!

Cons of “The Fast Way”
You might miss some great categories/keywords/niches that aren’t being taken advantage of that still may be lucrative!
You could fall into the trap of “copying” – not what I recommend! You should always try to infuse your personality and spin on it, even if you do take direct inspiration from another creator!
Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean their keywording skills are perfect! They likely use good keywords, but you can’t be completely sure so you’re taking a small chance for convenience.

If you choose this option, SCROLL DOWN to get my free Video Planner Worksheet which will help you put niches together to come up with video ideas! 

The Thorough Way:

Go through all the categories on Clips4Sale ( and make a list of which ones you think you can make videos for based on the talent you have available (just yourself, a partner, etc), and your skills (are you great at blowjobs but suck at public speaking? Are you already awesome at editing special effects or are willing to learn? Or are you more comfortable talking but not doing hardcore sex?) If the category has a Top 50 studios AND a Top 50 clips, with more than 1000 clips but less than 250 000 clips AND the top 50 clips look similar to each other, then it might be a category worth trying – make note. What I mean by the top 50 clips look similar is for example: “Brunette” is a category filled with all different types of videos where a female in them just happens to be brunette. The videos are all different – some sex, some blowjob, some masturbation, JOI etc. This means it’s not a good category to focus on. What you want to see is similar sex acts and similar set ups (i.e. girl sitting and talking to camera) to determine it’s not just a secondary category.

Take note of what keywords the top videos in each category use, make a list.
Once you have a list of all the categories you can do and which pass the test, and a list of keywords commonly associated with those categories – narrow it down, are there any categories that are opposites of each other? While it’s certainly possible to create videos as both a dominant and submissive, for example, your brand will be stronger if you narrow it down – you want the buyers to know that if they like one video of yours, they’re likely to like others too, so if you want to be dominant, only make dominant style videos, and vise versa.

From here you can plug in your keywords and categories into’s Keyword tool. It’s free to sign up, and it will show you the monthly US searches for your keywords. Make sure to think of different ways to say the same thing – for example “sex” is also “fucking” and Jerk Off Instruction is also Masturbation Instruction, etc. While you’re on this site, brainstorm some words you can describe yourself with – do you have big breasts? Busty could be a good keyword. Are you very slim? Petite may be for you! Also, what do you want your viewers to feel when they watch your videos? Do you want to be hardcore and raunchy? Artistic? Erotic? Sensual? Plug those words in too!

For every keyword you search, write down the number of US monthly searches and take note of any similar keywords/keyword strings they suggest and their monthly searches. Right now we’re looking for a keyword that has at least 15 000 monthly searches but less than 100 000 monthly searches.

That should narrow your list further. Next you can take that list to Pornhub and use the search bar to plug in your keywords – how many videos come up? How many of those videos have the keyword in the title on the first page when you rank by most viewed? How many videos on the first page of most viewed have over 1 million views? At least 1000 videos coming up, with at least a couple videos with the keyword in the title and at least a few of those with over 1 million views means it’s a good keyword.

Pros of “The Thorough Way”
You can discover niches that others are overlooking
You can discover the perfect niche for YOU instead of copying what’s popular
You can learn a lot about what’s popular and what’s not in porn, and how keywords work

Cons of “The Thorough Way”
Very time intensive, could take days
May be overwhelming if you want to get started ASAP!


Video Planner Worksheet

Try to fill in this worksheet with the keywords and categories that you found from the previous step! Keep this handy – it will help you when you go to upload them to every site! Click the image to download it!

The next post is about HOW to shoot content – set up your camera, the lighting, set, etc! And what content to make if you live with people and have to keep this secret!


How to Shoot Content (even with people around) + Lighting Diagram Reference!

Plan Your Shots and Set Design

See how other videos in your chosen theme are filmed. Are there lots of tight angles? Wide angles? A mix of both? A static shot? Think about what you like best and what you think fits your theme, context and ability to shoot.

What is the lighting like? Is it all from one side with heavy shadows? Or very bright from all around? Is it natural light? Figure out what makes sense for your context (i.e. if you’ve chosen a video that takes place at night, don’t light the room super brightly!), and what is available to you. Take what you can from videos you like and make it your own!

Clean your set! Decide where you’ll be filming and make sure there’s nothing in the shot that doesn’t add to the video. There should be nothing distracting in your background! Colourful prints can take away from the action- but dirty clothes on the floor and your pet’s toys everywhere is even worse! If you’re using the bed, make it, and use neutral colours or else your brand’s main colour. For some videos all you’ll need is a blank wall or plain dark curtains. For others, you’ll want to use multiple shots in multiple rooms! Decide what you feel is best for your abilities and your context!
Make sure where you’re shooting is relatively quiet! Close any open windows, turn off the A/C, do what you can to limit the noise! It doesn’t have to be completely silent, and if you make sure to take a few seconds of “room tone” (record a moment of video with the sound of the room as you stand still, so you can capture the hum of your fridge, the traffic outside, etc) you can edit many things out, but when your video has dialog sometimes a super loud truck passing can kill the mood- so do your best to shut out any noises!
Gather any props you need based on your context and brand colour. This could be a schoolbag if you’re doing a schoolgirl video, or a dildo, or just some pillows in your brand’s colour. Make sure to take into account the context- if you’re pretending to be at an office for a video, don’t have your bed in the background- use a computer desk and chair if you have one, and make sure to tidy it! You might have to rearrange your house to get the perfect shot, but it’s worth it!

Hair, Make-Up and Clothes
Make sure to have something memorable about your overall style. For me, it’s that I usually have bright red nail polish and often matching bright red lipstick. Red is my brand’s main colour, so I try to incorporate it as much as I can, often also wearing red satin nighties. Your brand might work best with you dressing goth, or pin-up, or in a myriad of different ways, just make it memorable, consistent, and tailor each outfit to your chosen script’s context. (For example, if your brand’s theme is to dress goth, it might not be great to pair it with a keyword such as “Step-mom” as they generally want the stereotypical “mom” look, but a step-sister could easily be a goth!) Wear both what’s appropriate for the story’s context and your overall brand. Don’t worry about buying clothes at this point – you can shop your wardrobe for things that make you feel sexy, and just shoot video ideas that make sense for what clothes you have to wear! Or, choose video ideas where you’re just naked!

Lighting is an in-depth topic that deserves it’s own book! You can watch countless lighting tutorials, and play around with different combinations of the lights that you have, but as a starting point it’s a good idea to have 2-3 diffused box lights (refer back to the Equipment post), about 5-6 feet away from you (or just far enough away so as not to wash you out, but close enough to get rid of shadows), placed evenly at three points in front of you. If you’re not washed out and you’ve taken a test shot and don’t see any glaring shadows, you’re on the right track. Make sure you use “cool white” bulbs, as yellow light can make it look cheap and is annoying to correct for afterward.

There is definitely A LOT more to be said about lighting, and many more ways to light the set for different moods, but this is a good starting point for most videos! Here’s a quickly put together diagram:

Now take your idea and make it real! You’re all dressed up, your set is ready, your lights are placed, now all there is to do is do it! There are definitely lots of tips on how to frame your shots, and how the flow of your videos should go, but in general, just record the room tone, shoot the video and see what you like and dislike about it! See what others think about it (Pornhub is a great place for this), and strive to always get better, and more comfortable in front of the camera. It takes practice!


How to Shoot Content When You need to keep it secret!: 

If you find yourself in the position of needing to make money this way while sharing living space, you might only have a bedroom, or worse, a bathroom where you can be alone. If that’s the case, I suggest you start taking long baths or showers and looking into those niches, or if you have your own bedroom, but need to stay quiet, maybe try ASMR content, or just being quiet while masturbating and trying to find niches that don’t need you to speak – you can also offer texting services or sell photos that you take in the bathroom!

I really hope this helps anyone that’s in this stressful position!

The next post will have links to editing tutorials using free editing software!


How to edit your videos and photos- links to FREE editing software!

If you’re really desperate and short on time or resources, editing is not 100% necessary. However, the better you edit/make your content, the higher you can charge, and the more sales and views you will get, so it’s worth a little time investment to learn basic editing.

Video editing

Here are links to Youtube tutorials that cover all the steps we take to edit our content – for a phone app, a free editing software and Adobe Premier Pro! Click the name of the program to find where to download it, or the link to watch the tutorial. There are NO affiliate links on this site, and I only recommend these based on good internet reviews, or in the case of Premier, based on my own years of experience!

Free Smartphone video editing app “InShot” :

Free laptop editing software “ShotCut” :

Adobe Premier Pro:


Photo editing

I personally use Adobe Photoshop to edit all my banners and profile photos, only my snaps are unedited! You can just use filters from snapchat and save the photos (without actually posting them to your story) and use those as quick snaps, or you can use a tripod (with the lighting set-up from a previous post) and a plain background like a blank wall, or a curtain, or a backdrop if you have one!

Here are some links to photo editing software and tutorials:

Free photo editing software “Gimp” :

Adobe Photoshop:

Custom Videos & How to Deliver Content

Getting custom video requests

There are plenty of ways to get custom video requests:

Extra Lunch Money



Social media like Twitter – but not Instagram (see my upcoming advertising post on where I suggest you advertise!)

What I recommend is to have a copy/paste form you use every time someone sends you a custom video request by DM – mine goes something like this:

“Thank you so much for your interest in a custom video! I’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see – what sex acts or fetishes, how long of a video and if you’d like your name in it – and I can send you a personalized quote!”

I do not recommend posting your rates for custom videos publicly, unless you specifically state “starting at” because I promise you there will be video ideas that you’ll want to charge more for! Or, maybe you just need fast cash and decide to charge less than your usual for just one order. This allows flexibility and also allows you to evaluate what it would take for you financially to film each video. I charge double for videos with their name in it too, and once they come back with the requested info, I give them a price with and without their name because even if they said they want it with their name, they might not be able to afford it – but instead of losing the sale, you give them a more affordable option that they can settle for. Also, never haggle/negotiate – your prices are firm, but you don’t have to be rude about it, or insulted. You can say something like:

“I’m sorry these rates don’t work for you right now, I thank you so much for your interest in me! Please do let me know if your situation changes and I’ll make that video for you!” 

This shows that you are clear your prices are firm, but in a very nice way, that in my experience has always lead to positive results, instead of the nasty hateful dms I’ve seen other girls get for “charging too much!”

Also, it’s good practice to give them a delivery date for their video – I’m generally booked a couple months in advance, so BEFORE I receive payment I’ll tell them it will probably be X amount of time to wait, and then AFTER payment I tell them “I will deliver your video by or on X date.”

Remember: you don’t have to accept ANY requests you don’t feel comfortable with! Just politely decline, saying something like “I’m sorry, that’s not something I can offer, but thank you so much for your interest!” Don’t kink shame by saying what they asked for is bad/gross/etc, that doesn’t help anyone! Besides these can still be buyers of other content, just because he likes hardcore anal, doesn’t mean he doesn’t ALSO love JOI Games!

Accepting custom video requests is really great as a beginner; it gets you paid for filming your first videos instead of waiting to see if they sell, you get to try a bunch of different fetishes – who knows, maybe you’ll find your perfect niche! – and you can still resell the videos later (or put them on tube sites), so long as the customer’s name isn’t in it!

Getting Paid

You can get paid through ExtraLunchMoney, Manyvids, or you can tell the buyer how much to leave as a tip on one of your clip/tube sites, or you can accept Bitcoin (best choice) or Amazon gift cards (worst choice).

Delivering Content

There are a few ways to deliver content – both ELM and Manyvids have their own uploaders, but if someone messages you on Reddit, or email there are a few other ways to deliver the content:

If it’s just a 1 minute video you can upload it as a private Gfycat and send them the link.

You can post it as a hidden video on Pornhub, so only those will the link can see it!

You can get an account with (it’s just like Dropbox but seller friendly – I’ve seen people get their Dropbox accounts closed for handing out too many links to videos)- it’s super cheap and this is what I use for all the downloads for my website too!


In the next post I’ll give you some tips on how to handle difficult customers!



How to Handle Difficult Customers & Content Theft – AKA “Killing With Kindness”



The porn business is about more than just making videos and photos, it’s also a customer service job. This can sometimes lead to problems. I’ve been asked repeatedly about how I handle common issues that a lot of girls face. I believe the best answer is “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”







When someone asks you for a service you do not provide or asks to meet you: 

Very recently, I saw someone respond very angrily to a fan asking if they could meet up next time she was in town. I’ve also seen girls time and again get offended when a fan asks to purchase a service they do not provide (for example KIK or prostitution). I think this is silly. The person asking is not at fault here. He has a particular interest, and there’s nothing wrong with that, and he likes YOU enough to ask you to fulfill that desire! This is a good thing! It’s not his fault you don’t offer that service/meet up with strangers from the internet. Take it as a compliment! It doesn’t mean you have to offer the service just because he asked, but you can say no nicely. Something like “I’m sorry, but I don’t do X, but thank you so much for your interest!” Now he’s still a fan of yours, no hurt feelings! If you responded “Ugh no fucking way creep!” (Like I’ve seen many people do), then he’s not going to be a fan anymore and he’ll probably tell everyone he knows that you’re mean. No bueno. Like begets like: be positive and kind, and the other person will likely be too!

If you’re nice when saying no, that person may tell others that you are nice and will continue to consume your content! It’s not his fault you don’t offer something he wants. Take it as a compliment.



When someone is overly sexual/sends dick pics: 

Again, take this as a compliment! While it may not be the thing you hope to see when you open a fan letter, remember that you’re in the adult industry and this is what you HOPE to achieve! You don’t need to respond to this at all if it makes you uncomfortable, but there is no reason to be mean. I’ve literally seen someone bitch at a guy who did this after she posted to GoneWild, and it really confuses me! I love that I get people hard!

“Hey BB You get me so horny!”


When someone is outright rude or insulting to you:

Don’t waste your time on people who do not respect you. You have limited time on this earth, don’t throw it away feeding a troll. Again, like begets like. If you fight fire with fire, it’s only going to grow and burn everyone. If he’s said something publicly, it only looks bad on them, not you, so don’t add to the negativity. If it’s in a private message, just ignore it.



When someone shares your work on the internet: 

This is a huge problem in the industry. It does suck when someone shares your paid content for free with others, but think about what that means when you find it. Firstly, someone had to buy it in the first place, and secondly it means that someone liked the video SO MUCH that they just had to share it with the world! That’s kind of nice, isn’t it?

There is no way to stop people from doing this, but there are things you can do to help make it profitable for you! Do not bother with a DMCA claim. Your name and address can be seen by the person who runs the site you found it on, and it’s unlikely to do anything. Do you really want to play Whack-A-Mole with the internet? If it gets taken down one place, it will pop up in 3 more. It’s the Barbara Streisand Effect.

Better way to handle it: watermark all of your work so people know where to find more of your work. One of the people who watches it could be your new biggest fan who will buy the rest of your videos, or at least watch all of your free content.

Which leads me to this: have LOTS of free content that makes you money. Pornhub is great for this, but most tube sites have a program where you make money from views. When you find your work shared online, comment on the post that you’re glad they like your work, and HERE’s where you can find more of your work for free! You make money, they like you, they get free content. Win, win, win. When you give a lot of free content out, there’s a lot less motivation for them to steal from you anyway. I have a few videos that have been torrented, so I’ve put them on Pornhub. The torrents have only gotten a few hundred downloads. The Pornhub videos have over 100 000 views each. Kindness wins.

So, the moral of the story: Be nice to everyone, appreciate when people like you, share freely and let people know where they can get more of what they want. Never say a mean word to anyone as that only breeds more negativity. Kindness always wins.

Edit: I was asked about one more issue:

When people ask for freebies/say they are against paying for porn:

Luckily, there are plenty of people willing to pay for porn, which is why porn is one of the world’s biggest industries! But a lot of people, and I would say a growing number, don’t pay for porn because there is infinite free porn on the internet and their tastes are not so niche as to not be able to find what they’re looking for. There’s nothing wrong with this! There’s plenty of really hot free porn out there. If this person is a fan of yours but doesn’t want to pay, you should just direct them to your collection of free content. They don’t have to pay to watch your PornHub videos, and you still get paid. Win win! Now if they’re demanding you give them free KIK time, panties, personalized photos/etc, again direct them to your free content, thank them for their interest, and politely decline their request. Some people won’t respect your time, and you’re not obligated to oblige them but again, there’s no reason to be mean. Kindness always wins.


Advertising, Social Media & Camming

In some ways, this is the most important work you’ll do, and yet, it’s what you should spend the least amount of your time on!

Clip and Tube sites have great internal traffic, so if you followed my Video Planner, and filled out those keywords, made a keyword-rich sexy description and a good trailer, then you’re already way ahead! Also make sure to make a trailer for all of your videos! It’s possible to get hundreds of thousands of views on just a 1 minute trailer, which is an add for the full premium video and all the other content you have! You can post these trailers to your Tube sites and upload them to Gfycat to use on Reddit!

After the internal traffic, I recommend starting a SubReddit (links to my main sub as an example) for yourself and posting there every time something new comes out + crossposting it to relevant subreddits (making sure to always read the sidebar for rules about self-promotion, and looking at the top content to make sure your content is what they like!).

Twitter: We’re in the middle of developing the bot we use for ourselves to automate Twitter posts, but until that’s released I recommend Tweetdeck – schedule Tweets to go out every time a new video comes out, plus add in random sexy snaps linking to all your content and services throughout the day!

Try to have a couple ads going up each day, and every single time a new video is out, but don’t stress yourself by spending hours trying to advertise it in EVERY possible subreddit – pick a couple, and move on. You can always re-advertise it in the future to a new audience!


For me, camming is strictly an advertisement tool, and I only live cam once per month, for 1 hour, for FREE! I still receive tips, but I don’t expect them, and I do it just as a fan service and to drive traffic to my site! It really does help, but I personally would never suggest making a job out of camming – if you do, you’ll need to probably work 10+ hours a day, every day, and take lots of private shows (which I don’t do), to climb the ranks and make a decent hourly wage. At least, that’s my view, but I know many full-time cam girls would disagree so if live camming sounds good to you, I’m sure you can find more in depth tips from those cam girls than I could ever give! Personally, I prefer to make videos because you make them once and sell them forever- they can sell/get views in your sleep, for years! All of my first videos from 2014 are still making me money every month, so the amount I make every month keeps going up as I keep adding more videos to the passive income engine!

Affiliate marketing 

This is a more advanced topic that deserves a much larger section, but to start, all you need is to sign up for the affiliate program of a sex toy brand you like!

I really like Fleshlight and Pink Cherry, (I do not make money if you click these) but if you check out your favourite online sex toy store, they probably have an “affiliates” button at the bottom of their site – sign up, and use some toys from the site in a video, then insert your affiliate links into the video and descriptions everywhere! This way you’ll get a portion of any purchase the viewer makes after clicking the link, and it pairs really well with video content!